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Traditional Tattoo Linework

Traditional tattoos have made their mark and have been more popular for a very good reason. Tattoos will stay on you forever and when we look into this there's not doubt that we can say that pioneer artist uses most of the symbols as the traditional designs and we being one of the best tattoo center in Jayanagar,Bangalore, our artist will canvas the best traditional designs and best art that makes you to crave for more tattoos. The traditional old school tattoo artist, are considered to be the legends of old school tattooing. And they can canvas all kinds of traditional art that includes Indian old school designs, American traditional ideas, small American designs, the beauty that was in old school can be completely bought into life by them and we Dream Art Studio being the Best tattoo studio in Jayanagar have such artists.

Our Indian traditional tattoos or traditional styles have very bold lines and that's inked with bright colors, best details, they are so realistic and more appealing.

The History Of India's Tradition of Tattoos

1) Traditional Tattoos Traditional style tattoos have bold lines and bright colours.

2) Realistic Tattoos / Realism Have you ever seen a tattoo

What We Do

We consider every single idea and thought of our customers and further refine the ideas and come up with something truly unique and best. Being the best portrait tattoo artist studio in Bangalore we canvas custom designs with the topmost clarity and INK's best quality design. At Dream Art Tattoo we use industry best equipment, inks, disposable needles, caps that are purely subtle, clean and the sterile atmosphere with also the best dyes that suit Indian skin.


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