Our tattoos last longer!

At Dream Art Tattoo we craft the art for the mind, soul, and body. Our best female tattoo artist in Bangalore Swapna Satish will canvas custom designs on your skin and she is also the best Portrait tattoo artist in Bangalore. With having experience for more than a decade in the tattoo art, this revolutionary top tattoo artist in Bangalore will canvas 100% unique designs and give importance to every meticulous detail with love that will keep you delighted.

We use High Tech Tattoo Equipment for canvasing the tattoo on your skin, these equipment are made of higher technologies and by the best tattoo machine makers in the world. Our best designs will Inspire, Influence, Exalt, and also Heal at the same time that drives in all the positive energy! We being the best tattoo studio in Bangalore, use only FDA-approved high-quality Tattoo Inks with needles that are pre-sterilized and they are of high quality too.

A ‘Dream Art Tattoo’ is a gift you wear and assign that stays forever. Getting Inked by our professional tattoo artist in Bangalore is nothing lesser than a birthmark, it’s greater like canvasing your signature of your soul on your skin. Crafting a tattoo as per your dreams requires a lot of time, dedication, skill, etc. Drop by our tattoo parlor anytime and let’s plan and discuss canvasing the first tattoo on your skin as per your ideas.


We consider every single idea and thought of our customers and further refine the ideas and come up with something truly unique and best. Being the best portrait tattoo artist studio in Bangalore we canvas custom designs with the topmost clarity and INK’s best quality design. At Dream Art Tattoo we use industry best equipment, inks, disposable needles, caps that are purely subtle, clean and the sterile atmosphere with also the best dyes that suit Indian skin.


Tattoos have become one of the important contemporary fashion trends that are spreading rapidly across India. Due to day by day rise in its’s popularity, there’s been a higher demand for quality tattoos that are growing all over the country. So Dream Art Tattoo is headquartered in the rapidly growing city, IT hub, and also the fashion capital of India Bangalore.

To meet all the desired expectations of our customers and also to canvas the best tattoos for a huge number of people enquiring about the professional Tattoo Artist in Bangalore, we are setting up top standards in other cities and also with other top studios in Bangalore. Having more than 9 years of experience in this tattoo business, we art Dream art studio have traveled a long way and deliver the best quality art to our clients and meet all their desired expectations.

We heartily welcome everyone who enjoys and admires the essence of true art, it’s ink, needle at our best Tattoo Shop in Bangalore. We have experienced artists and our parlor being the best tattoo studio in Bangalore we maintain the highest quality and also consider customers’ hygiene as one of the top priorities and deliver the best hospitality at our studio.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right kind of Tattoo that matches your dreams and your intentions is always better and essential because there won’t be any mistakes.