Choosing the right kind of Tattoo that matches your dreams and your intentions is always better and essential because there won’t be any chances of regret later. Swapna Satish being one of the best female tattoo artists in Bangalore will understand your desire for that particular tattoo and helps in choosing the right type of tattoo and will also INK the best on your skin as per your need.

The various types of tattoos services he offers include

Full Sleeve Tattoos

Color Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos

Realism Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos

Font Tattoos

Feminine Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos


Having a great name amongst the best tattoo artist across India, our Swapna Satish professional tattoo artist in Bangalore gives more importance to hygiene and safety. She uses all kinds of safety measures like disposable needles, ink caps, razors medicated spirit for disinfection, fresh gloves, and many more. The medicated ointment will also be applied after the tattooing along with a sterilized bandage. Dream art tattoo is one of the best sought-after tattoo studios in the country.

The artists of our studio work with a real passion for art and their tireless dedication and a keen sense of love towards art reflect on many designs that have been created so far. Customer satisfaction is our main key and top priority and this has helped us to earn a bigger reputation in the tattoo industry across India.Disposable needles and razors Medicated spirit for disinfection Fresh gloves, ink caps, etc. Medicated ointment applied after tattooing Sterilized bandage

What We Do

We consider every single idea and thought of our customers and further refine the ideas and come up with something truly unique and best. Being the best portrait tattoo artist studio in Bangalore we canvas custom designs with the topmost clarity and INK’s best quality design. At Dream Art Tattoo we use industry best equipment, inks, disposable needles, caps that are purely subtle, clean and the sterile atmosphere with also the best dyes that suit Indian skin.

Tattoo Design

Portrait tattoo

Tribal Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo